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A partner for Casa Alexis… or maybe two!

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Elisabetta Alexis, Manager of Casa Alexis, is pleased to introduce two new partners: Chef Davide Camaioni  and Chef Davide Fabi Cannella.

These two young chefs are joining the team of Casa Alexis, and, for the 2018 wedding season, there will be a new and highly professional synergy at the service of your most exclusive events.

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Davide Fabi Cannella

Creativity and elegance, these are the adjectives that best describe the work of this young chef and his cuisine.

great personality, fully expressed by his dishes.

Yes, because Davide loves his job and can create an entire menu, from starters to delicious desserts, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Passion and dedication to his work guide him every day when selecting the best ingredients for his dishes, drawing a lot on our tradition.

Traditional dishes, indeed, are reinterpreted but never altered, emphasizing their main features with attention to detail.

Davide Camaioni

According to Davide Camaioni, every dish is like a story to be discovered and tasted. Ever since his debut as a chef, he has always been fascinated by how he can give life to an idea that a few seconds earlier only belonged to his imagination by assembling different ingredients.

Carefully selected raw materials, whose pure essence is emphasized with attention to detail, are definitely the main strength of his dishes.

His message is clear: a dish has a soul and must delight your palate and stimulate your mind, as well as tell a story and refer to traditions.

His cooking philosophy is based on quality and cooking techniques, because both the taste and texture of the same ingredient changes if cooked in a different way every time. Recreating the flavours of the past, which have been almost forgotten, and reinterpreting them with a modern twist, without neglecting local traditions and respect for food. This is his main goal.

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