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Casa Alexis Villa for weddings and receptions

[yes-couple-story his_title=”” her_title=”” his_story=”Casa Alexis is our reception villa located in the coastal town of Cupra Marittima, a small pearl on the Riviera of the Palms. This town is also renowned for being a prestigious Roman and medieval archaeological centre.
Decorated in an elegant and tasteful style, Casa Alexis is the perfect luxury, country house and a dream wedding venue. It is also ideal for events such as holy communions, christenings, fashion shows, business meetings, birthdays, pool parties, graduation celebrations and any other occasion that calls for an exclusive and enchanting setting.” her_story=”Now more than ever, every bride and groom sees their wedding day as the crowning moment of their love story. Weddings require perfect organisation with the utmost attention to even the smallest of details, whether it is a civil or a religious ceremony. Nothing must be left to chance and the wedding venue is without a doubt one of the most important decisions to be made.
A villa is one of the most sought after wedding venues amongst future married couples as it offers a unique and exclusive backdrop. The perfect setting for such an important day.” story_together=”“The Wedding, your dream, your way“”]
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[yes-section-header title=”The Perfect Villa for a Wedding” tagline=”Nestled in the embrace of a hill, surrounded by olive trees and dense Mediterranean vegetation, the wedding and reception venue Casa Alexis is set in a terraced garden of about 7,000 m2. Age-old olive trees and enchanting laurel, rosemary and lavender hedges surround the villa, together with antique fountains and majestic statues of the arts (music, sculpture, literature and architecture). The colourful pathways are lined with scented rose bushes; the blooming garden and lush vegetation will enchant you and, as you wander through, it will reveal a small oasis heady with the scent of the sea, the colours of which can be admired from the terraces. The villa houses the unforgettable Elisabeth reception room, which with its majestic, rolling, nautical style ceiling is perfect as a wedding venue. The grounds are also home to the characteristic Alexandra cottage, a romantic, English-style retreat, which thanks to its undeniable beauty makes for a truly original wedding. The buildings blend in perfectly with the warm and enchanting Mediterranean scrub without disturbing the surrounding nature. Every corner of the villa will be skilfully dressed for the occasion, providing you and your guests with an intoxicating sense of intimacy for the perfect wedding.” font_pe_icon=”flaticon-person123″]
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[yes-quote quote_text=”The air is alive with the sound of your joy, echoing back from every corner of the garden, reinforcing your promises so you can enjoy a dream wedding.”]
[yes-section-header title=”Your perfect Wedding” tagline=”The sunset adds the finishing touch to your dream wedding as it makes way for the moon in the starry sky, creating a stunning backdrop and confirming Casa Alexis as a truly unique villa for weddings in the province of Ascoli Piceno. Casa Alexis really stands out from other wedding villas when she puts on her beautiful evening dress. The effect of the many coloured lights and the harmony of the background music create an enchanting aura, an essence that is both romantic and glamorous.” font_pe_icon=”flaticon-person122″]
[map_holder map_type=”HYBRID” map_icons=”wedding” categories=””][map_location map_type=”wedding” map_title=”Casa Alexis” map_text=”Villa per matrimoni e ricevimenti” latitude=”43.0339719″ longitude=”13.8345113″][/map_holder]
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